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Utility Industry Competence

Disruptive Services for Telecom Industry

It is expected that by 2020, there will be 50 billion devices connected to wireless networks worldwide.

The telecommunications industry is very disruptive. The technology cycles used to be around five years, but they are getting shorter and shorter. The shift to managed services—which can only gather greater momentum as the decade unfolds.

It is expected that we will have two types of telecom operator’s viz. SMART players (for Services Management Applications Relationship and Technology) who play at the very front of the industry and LEAN players (Low-cost Enablers of Agnostic Networks). SAPSOL provides range of services for both irrespective of size and geography.

The large operators and systems integrators have a big interest not only in selling more smartphones and other mobile devices, but also in IoT, which is tipped to generate the next big wave of revenues for them and other companies starting now.

The integration strategy and managed data capability that we provide helps you to control the past and scale the future rapidly improving the go to market capabilities.

Our range of services help you cut through the standard technology path to a revolutionary approach and helps you to jump straight to cutting-edge technology. Some of the services offered by us are as below:

  • SMART and IoT Technology Strategy: We provide strategy to move from hand held devices and smart phones to smart terminals controlling IoT devices of daily use.
  • Technology change management and roadmap: Acting as change enabler for technology innovation to help you stay ahead of the curve by presenting technology roadmap and cost benefit analysis.
  • Setting up Innovation Labs to undertake product development: We specialize in helping you setup the product innovation lab as well as getting the initial projects of the ground.
  • Analytics Dashboard for Project and Portfolio Management: SAPSOL telecom experts provide you predictable integrated fast track control over your company’s innovation capability using predictive analytics dashboard for project which are undergoing a paradigm shift from the standard waterfall project methodology to the newer agile and scrum approach.
  • Legacy Migration: We help integrate and transition the legacy systems to Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Big Data and SMART device based on company environment specific transition model.
  • New Application Development: We provide teams to manage and scale new applications and flexible and creative payment model based on success of the application.
  • Managed Services: We help you outsource your standard IT infrastructure services using the best shore model based in effective manpower and optimal cost leaving the management to focus on developing and introducing new disruptive technologies.
  • Cloud and Mobile Analytics : We develop the cloud and analytics strategy as well help you implement the same in a outsources, partnership or advisory model

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