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Our Manufacturing  Expertise

The face of manufacturing is changing extremely fast using Cloud computing and Internet-of-Things (IOT)  and  move to a technology enabled and managed manufacturing process. What  was traditionally considered to be a process that turns raw materials into physical products is undergoing paradigm shift with the physical part of production now being the centre of a much wider value chain. Manufacturers are increasingly generating revenue from other activities which are categorized as services . The technology enabled services is now intricately tied and managed through the use of advanced supply chain management automation.

Computer-aided design (CAD) and simulation reduces the time and cost of producing new goods as well as time to market which is now moving to just-in-time (JIT) . Advanced robotics and mechatronics are  making automation cheaper and more flexible. Some materials such as nanoparticles are giving varied and novel properties to the manufacturing output.

Computer aided manufacturing using  is using 3D printing  which makes things by building layer upon layer of plastic and metals used by a number of innovation labs for  proof-of-concept and prototype. Large  engineering firms  , automotive , aerospace and consumer product companies are increasingly utilizing technology like 3D printing, sensor based remote monitoring with SCADA , auto detect and repair. Increasingly technology is  used to track real-time shipping, monitoring  , managing complex logistics execution and delivery mechanism where companies like SAPSOL act as catalyst to think out of the box. SAPSOL intricately develops , manages and delivers complete product lifecycle in an agile and responsive manner using next generation technology.

SAPSOL provides holistic view to marry the current with the future technology and build the next generation of manufacturing solutions which is technology driven, responsible and flexible to adapt to the market changes providing real-time control to the process using simulation, sensor, remote managing and innovative analytic dashboard technology.

We have worked in traditional areas like CAD, PP, PP-PI , PLM , PS , MM, SCM, EAM/PM, EWM, SRM, web commerce, vendor management, outsourcing   and APO among others for  one stop solution partner.

Our expertise include:

  1. Assessment and roadmap for the Cloud and internet-of-things (IOT).
  2. Working in PLM and PPM for real-time CAD integration.
  3. Aligning current process with the technology paradigm shift.
  4. Integration with factory automation systems including 3D printing.
  5. Working with DMS, CMS and complex workflow for approvals.
  6. Regulatory compliance and management.
  7. Integration with EWM/bar coding.
  8. Process integration with EAM/PM/CAD modules.
  9. Managing product design integration with ERP and shop floor.
  10. Logistics Execution – Transportation Management(TM), Global Trade Management (GTM).
  11. Implementing Internet of Things (IOT) to the next generation manufacturing.
  12. Integrating extensive sensor technology to remote manage the process.
  13. Developing advanced dashboards and analytics  with drilldowns for root cause analysis.
  14. Setting up technology center of excellence for manufacturing.

The possibilities are endless where we act as your strategic partner. Please E-Mail us at for setting up initial consultation.

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