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Healthcare Expertise

Healthcare Expertise


The health care industry will see a 21% increase in IT jobs by 2026, according to research by the Universities. Across all health care sectors, there is a demand for creative, thoughtful uses of health informatics, mobile technology, cloud systems, and digital diagnostics.

While many of these  new inventions have yet to be approved by the FDA, a process that can take up to 10 years , their intrusion into the life of consumers and corporations alike is inevitable. Some of the new  areas where SAPSOL can offer experienced partnership are :

  1. Digital diagnostics

We help identify and implement  software-based solutions for diseases like Alzheimer’s that can detect impairments on the hippocampus (the first area of the brain to be affected by the disease) by evaluating symptoms such as  eye movement.

  1. The Healthcare cloud

SAPSOL helps in identifying and implementing cloud services which provide a lot of benefits for medical providers. The research showed that there are 944 cloud services in use across healthcare providers, and 53% of employees use at least three devices at work.

  1. Wearables

Wearable technology is going to play a huge role in health care in years to come. We help develop and rollout apps   which help areas like  fitness tracking  and smart watches . More advanced studies can be undertaken and worked with e.g seniors home care .

  1. Health informatics

More than  50% of health care dollars are wasted on inefficient record keeping processes. Electronic records have been shown to save large hospitals anywhere between $37 and $59 million. SAPSOL helps streamlines the medical care process and lowers malpractice claims, increases coordination between providers through use of seamless enterprise applications.

  1. Digital therapy

We help identify platform that combines mobile technology with artificial intelligence to provide patients with care after they’ve returned home from the hospital or doctor’s office. It’s been described as a “GPS navigation system for patients.” There is a daily to-do list for the patient and a tracker for diet and exercise, but an advanced algorithm adapts the content based on the information from patient and healthcare provider.

  1. Concierge medical services

Develop and implement a variety of consumer application e.g apps which allows you to compare prices for drugs at different pharmacies and save up to 80%, search for an  clinic  based on your needs, find same-day appointments, email access, online scheduling and much more.

  7. Networks and coaching

With mobile technology, it’s easier than ever to have a customized diet or health plan, provide personalized coaching for mental health, offering plans by assessing your sleep, mood, stress, anxiety, and body image. Apps also offers pre-determined parameter based coaching and expert advice for weight loss and weight management.

  8. Self-insurance

With the onset of Affordable Care Act, more consumers have had to manage their own data and health future. We help use this  opportunity to offer insurance, benefits, and solutions services and  connects employee behaviors to company benefits/ incentives.

  9.Hackathons and Security

Hackathons  and security monitoring  is  an increasingly popular tool to solving real world problems, especially in the health care industry. We provide anti hacking strategy, application and monitoring  with software developments, hardware inventions, cloud systems, apps, and wearables, and many other possible options through brain storming e ideas are born out of hackathons.

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